Known as the Mushroom of Immortality, it’s no wonder that Reishi is so popular in traditional Chinese medicine. With its relaxing & stress-relieving effect, Reishi supplements are exactly what you need to help you sleep.

a brief history

Reishi (aka Ganoderma Lingzhi) looks like a mushroom disguised as a shiny kidney. In East Asian countries, these faux kidneys star as a symbol of great health and longevity.

Before cultivation methods were invented in the 1980s, Reishi was actually quite rare and could only be afforded by the nobility. Today, it is plentiful enough that Reishi supplements have become commonplace.

the science

A 2021 study concluded that Reishi extract improved sleep quality by increasing serotonin and gut microbiota.

A 2017 study found that Reishi polysaccharides increased neuron production and reduced cognitive impairment in mice with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Another study in 2019 showed that Reishi might improve learning memory and enhance cognition patterns in mice.

A 2019 review analysed studies that showed that Reishi could promote skin wound healing, lessen the severity of postburn infection, lighten skin, and treat skin aging.

A 2022 study found that Reishi could help against skin cancer caused by UV light.

blends with benefits

In our Reishi supplements, we combine the powers of Reishi extract with other functional mushrooms and adaptogenic botanicals, such as Chamomile. These blends provide you with the perfect product for whatever need you have.

Reishi Mushrooms

more on reishi

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