mental health.

Our mission is to work in harmony with nature and its healing powers that transcend the beliefs held by traditional western medicine to restore mental health. Natural solutions that empower you to place self-care firmly into your hands to find your balance. 

Functional mushroom supplements.

Herbs, roots and fungi, collectively known as adaptogens, can naturally aid your body’s ability to reduce stress, boost your immune system and realign your cognitive resonance. 

We use some of the most nutritionally dense mushroom fruit bodies and botanical ingredients that have been clinically studied and scientifically validated. Our complete lineup of therapeutic mushroom elixirs and concentrated blends work synergistically to amplify your baseline state while supporting you on your wellness journey from the inside out. 

The kingdom of fungi is magical.

Psilocybe mushrooms grow around the world, and a large body of compelling research demonstrates that psilocybin is uniquely effective for a myriad of mental illnesses, and may offer relief to the afflicted where conventional treatments fall short. 

The FDA recently designated psilocybin as a ‘Breakthrough Therapy’ for two indications: major depressive disorder (MDD) and treatment-resistant depression. This designation is used to expedite the development and review of drugs for serious or life-threatening conditions and is only assigned to drugs that have may be more effective than available therapy. 

Research & development.

Doseology plans to prepare and file an application with Health Canada for an exemption to use psilocybin and psilocin for scientific purposes, as well as to apply for designation as a ‘Licensed Dealer’ under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (Canada) which would permit the conduct of research to standardize the extraction of psilocybin from mushrooms as well as the possession, processing, sale, sending, transportation and delivery of Psychedelic Compounds.