About us.

Our mission is to work in harmony with nature to restore mental health through the power of mushrooms.

Founder, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse
Daniel Vice

We are excited to see more and more people discovering the amazing benefits of functional mushrooms and are proud to offer high-quality functional mushroom supplements that harness the full potential of these amazing fungi.

We began our process by reviewing the latest scientific studies and clinical trials, looking for evidence of the most beneficial and well-studied functional ingredients available. From there, we selected the ingredients that had demonstrated the greatest efficacy and safety that we felt would best support our customers' specific health goals. We keep our blends relatively simple and target one specific health goal to maximize effectiveness for our customers rather than including a long list of ingredients that may not be necessary or as effective. This approach allows us to focus on addressing specific health concerns more effectively and create targeted supplements that meet our customers' unique needs.

In good health – Daniel