Doseology Sciences is a diversified life sciences company on a mission to reimagine mental health therapies through innovation, technology and sustainability. With a focus on psychedelic and non-psychedelic compounds, Doseology will offer cutting edge therapeutic products and services, with the aim of making a meaningful impact on the mental health pandemic and improving overall health.

The Company has filed an application with Health Canada to become a “Licensed Dealer” under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (Canada) which would permit the laboratory analysis of psilocybin and psilocin from mushrooms, as well as the production, possession, processing, sale, sending, transportation and delivery of Psychedelic Compounds.

Corporate Team

Maryam Marissen


Maryam brings a diverse background in consumer product marketing, private clinic services, and government relations. A pioneer in online marketing, she helped establish a personal care company that achieved substantial revenue growth in Canada and the United States. As Managing Director of a Canadian government relations agency, she has worked on advancing public policy for clients across diverse industries. Since 2020 Maryam has advocated for the potential of medically-supervised psychedelic therapies for mental health disorders, and increasing access to those who need them most.

Scott Reeves


Scott has 20+ years focused on securities, corporate finance, M&A and commercial transactions. In addition to serving on several TSX and TSX Venture exchange across multiple industries, Scott is also a partner at Tingle Merrett LLP in Calgary. He is Past Chairman and Member of the Canadian Bar Association, Calgary Bar and Law Society of Alberta.

Alex McAulay


Alex (CPA, CA) is an entrepreneur and experienced public company CFO and director. Alex’s firm, ACM Management Inc., provides fractional CFO and regulatory guidance to assist public companies. Alex has served as the CFO of several listed companies and has assisted dozens of issuers in navigating the public markets. 

Gordon Jang


Gordon (CPA) has over 25 years in the mining industry. He held senior positions at Fortuna Silver Mines, Augusta Resources, Lundin Mining and Pan American Silver and has a wealth of experience in the capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, SOX compliance, tax planning and corporate structuring, process improvements and public company reporting.

Ralph Olson


Ralph is an experienced private investor and was influential in raising $400 million for both public and private companies. He was a Partner with Global Capital Partners and helped execute the merger with Cohig and Associates. He has a Finance degree from the University of Washington.

Daniel Vice


Daniel brings advanced knowledge in pharmacotherapeutics, neuroscience, and psychiatry to Doseology. He is passionate about an integrative approach to mental health, including evidence-based treatments with the goal of achieving the best health outcomes for individuals. He received his Master's degree in nursing from Johns Hopkins University and is a psychiatric nurse practitioner doctoral student at the University of Missouri.


Dr. Basin


Dr. Bhasin is a board-certified anesthesiologist with over 25 years of experience. He is the owner and operator of PointKetamine clinics located around the Los Angeles area and is affiliated with numerous hospitals in California, including the University of Southern California Medical Center.

Dr. Elenor Castillo


Dr. Castillo is a research scientist with experience in the biopharma and biotech fields. She has extensive knowledge of protein engineering, synthetic biology, molecular cell biology, protein biochemistry, analytical chemistry, and strain engineering. She completed her PhD in plant biology with a designated emphasis in biotechnology at the University of California, Davis.

Timi Wood


Timi is a plant and fungi Biotechnologist with a bias on mushroom production and research. He has over 12 years work experience on Mushroom R&D and spawn production. He is a Chief Scientific officer at the National Biotechnology Development Agency, Nigeria, coordinating Mushroom Research and Development programs. He is a certified mushroom spawn developer with the Institute of Edible Fungi, Shanghai, China.

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Endeavor Trust Corporation

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