Reduce stress with shiitake & turmeric.

Super fungi & organic cocoa!

Get energized with cordyceps & rhodiola!

Sweet dreams with reishi...

Adaptogenic mushrooms and herbs have been used for centuries, and are known for their ability to help your body ward off stress. Each one has a different effect on the body, so the one that’s right for you will depend on the result you need. Our unique & functional mushroom fusions work harmoniously to support the body in boosting immunity, improving cognitive clarity, and enhancing physical performance… naturally.

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Cordyceps & Rhodiola


Shiitake & Turmeric

Boost Immunity

Reishi & Chamomile

Rest & Relax



Our premium mushroom line is first carefully crafted with reishi, lion’s mane, shiitake, chaga, and cordyceps - known for their medicinal properties. Then they’re blended with other select adaptogens like ginger, chamomile, yerba mate, and turmeric.

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Mushrooms are everywhere.


I feel more energized in the morning and feel really great about adding in additional shroomies to my day. There are 10 different kinds of mushrooms in Defend – that’s amazing! 


Coffee for immune support. Supplements for inflammation. And psychedelics promising relief from serious ailments. Mushrooms are everywhere, and investors are paying attention.

Five hours east of Vancouver in Vernon, B.C., the start-up Doseology Sciences is also focusing on the wellness area...

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I love taking Elevate with lion's mane and ginger in the tincture format. It's a way to give myself a boost without loading up on caffeine.


All of these mushrooms in this supplement are extremely good for health. Hubs and I have been taking a blend of powdered mushrooms everyday.


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