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Welcome to self-care.

Meet our functional mushroom supplements and boost your mental clarity, maximize your productivity, feel the stress melt away and drift peacefully into sleep. Packed with all the good stuff, these tailor-made blends are stacked with nootropics, adaptogens and superfoods.

Functional mushroom blends.

Adaptogens are an important part of what makes functional mushrooms so special. Most notable and impressive is their application in stress reduction. Hence ‘adapt’ being in the name. Research backed studies in adaptogenic mushrooms and plants have uncovered powerful new tools to help us restore cognitive wellness, ward off stress and strengthen the immune system.

Elevate your everyday.

It’s our daily rituals and mindful practices that have the greatest impact on our mental wellbeing. The Doseology functional mushroom blends are easy to add into your self-care routine.

Explore the benefits.


Two powerful superfoods, shiitake mushrooms & turmeric, to naturally boost immunity.


Lion’s mane is the perfect nootropic sidekick to the stimulating properties of ginger and brain boosting B3.


Zenfully formulated, get ready to enjoy a better night’s sleep with reishi & chamomile.


Add this clever combo to your daily routine for long-term mind and mood benefits!


Two powerhouse adaptogens, cordyceps & rhodiola, to increase your stamina, vitality and libido.


Zenfully formulated, get ready to enjoy a better night’s sleep with reishi & chamomile.


The only thing better than sunshine to lift my mood is @doseology.sciences mushroom tinctures. I’ve been exploring the benefits of mushrooms for a couple years now and am loving the way it’s helped my creativity, mental clarity, and anxiety. 


Upgrade your body with a healthy mind @doseology.sciences has got me feeling more focused and confident. Love their recovery tincture. It’s boosts your immune system with a powerful blend of Shiitake and turmeric.


Ever hit that 3:30pm energy slump? 🥱 I definitely do - especially when I have a full day of photo shoots! Instead of reaching for caffeine, I’ve been using @doseology.sciences “Active” so I can finish my work day strong without feeling jittery or having trouble falling asleep later. 


We live a fast paced life and are demanding on our bodies. Maintaining internal balance and cellular energy are 2 of the most important thing for longevity and a healthy lifestyle. We eat clean and keep our bodies healthy and fit by doing workouts like @hot8yoga and making sure to incorporate supplements that keep our physical and mental performance at its best. Our go-to daily supplement is @doseology.sciences 🍄❤️These adaptogenic mushroom supplements are incredibly powerful. They give us natural energy and boost our stamina, they help eliminate mental fatigue, and keep us on point all day. For us there’s nothing more valuable!

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