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We’re Doseology

Our mission is to work in harmony with nature to restore mental health through the power of mushrooms. We focus on brain-boosting and mood-regulating ingredients such as lion’s mane, b vitamins, curcumin and reishi mushroom.

Co-Founder, Nurse

Daniel Vice

At Doseology, we began our process by reviewing the latest scientific studies and clinical trials, looking for evidence of the most beneficial and well-studied functional ingredients available.

From there, we selected the ingredients that had demonstrated the greatest efficacy and safety that we felt would best support our customers’ specific health concerns. We keep our natural blends relatively simple and target one specific health goal to maximize effectiveness. This approach allows us to create targeted supplements that meet our customers’ unique needs.

In good health ~ Daniel

Daniel Vice is a nurse and received his Master’s Degree in Nursing (MSN) from Johns Hopkins University. Daniel was recently featured in the Policy 2050 report “Innovations in Dietary Supplements."


Just as an apple contains the essence of a tree's vitality, the fruiting body is the repository of a mushroom's health-promoting constituents.

Our tinctures contain 100% mushroom fruiting bodies – the highest concentration of active compounds that give functional mushrooms their beneficial properties. Our products contain no grain, no fillers and no mycelium.

Liquid Extraction.

• Maximum bioavailability

• Easy to take

• Faster absorption

We have thoughtfully-chosen adaptogenic functional fungi stacked with medicinal herbs. The synergy of these biological substances produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their individual effects.

We use both ethyl alcohol and water, as some constituents are soluble in only one of these extractives. The finished extract maximizes the therapeutic compounds available.

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