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Both of these uniquely blended tinctures work in unison to help the body naturally rest and recover, and so much in between. Get your Rest & Recover BFF bundle TODAY… Our Holiday Sale is in full swing!

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Rest tincture with reishi, chamomile & melatonin

Did you know that reishi mushroom is an ‘adaptogen’ (as all of the functional mushrooms we use are) and has impressive stress reduction qualities?

This, paired with calming chamomile and sleep-enhancing melatonin - well, we call that a restful win!

That’s why we’ve bundled up two of our fave products for you. We want you to discover what eastern societies have been using for over 2,000 years, and what ‘biohackers’ have been using to hack their way to better health for, well, not quite that long. (Shh, don’t tell either of them we told you!)

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Recover tincture with shiitake mushroom & turmeric

Did you know that shiitake mushroom isn’t just for that heavenly risotto dish you always order at that trendy restaurant? They’re also a great source of antioxidants and have exceptional anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. They even support heart health, because ya know, beta-glucans.

Then, there’s turmeric… it’s not just the spice you pull out of the cupboard on those experimental cooking nights. Although it does make a wonderfully bright and fragrant curry. It, too, has some pretty impressive powers as an antioxidant and inflammation fighter!