Mushrooms are some of the healthiest foods on the planet and contain unique combinations of naturally-occurring nutrients not found in any other foods. Mushrooms are packed with vitamins, minerals, and powerful antioxidants. No other food can compare to mushrooms when it comes to dietary sources of the powerful antioxidants glutathione and ergothioneine, for example.

Many research studies show that mushrooms support immune system function and help increase energy and resistance to stress. Because of their amazing health properties, mushrooms are highly valued the world over, and their use dates back thousands of years!

The mushrooms that are adaptogens are medicinal ones, such as Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga, Turkey Tail and Shiitake. To be considered an adaptogen, the mushroom must have health benefits.

You can learn more about adaptogens here.

Yes, but only if they are medicinal mushrooms. 

Medicinal mushrooms give you immune support because they are a source of fungal polysaccharides with immunomodulating properties. These compounds include:

• Polysaccharides

• Polysaccharide peptides

• Proteins

• Terpenoids

• Nucleotides

Some mushrooms are better suited for immune support than others. For example, Shiitake is known in traditional Chinese medicine for helping the immune system. Our best products for immune support include Defend & Recover in the US and Boost in Canada.

Both mushroom tinctures and powders have distinct benefits. 

Tinctures are created by grinding up mushroom fruiting bodies and then soaking them in heated alcohol. This process makes certain beneficial components (e.g. fungal polysaccharides) extremely concentrated. Also, the inclusion of alcohol allows the tincture to absorb faster and, therefore, you get the effects sooner. 

For usage, tinctures can be added to drinks or taken under the tongue.

Powders are created by drying mushroom fruiting bodies and then grinding them up into a powder. This process incorporates all components from the mushroom due to its minimal processing.

For usage, powders can be added to both drinks and food

Which one you should use depends on what you are looking for in your supplement, benefits- and usage-wise

At first glance, it is hard to determine whether a mushroom extract is made from the mushroom (fruiting body) or the mushroom’s ‘root’ structure (mycelium). In its lifecycle, the mycelium will only produce a fruiting body when environmental conditions are ideal.

For supplements, fruiting bodies have been shown to have higher concentrations of bioactive compounds than mycelium. In fact, fruiting bodies consistently contain around 30 to 40 percent of the beta-glucans. In comparison, mycelium grown on grain usually only has 5 to 7 percent (sometimes even zero). 

The benefits of functional mushrooms come from these compounds. This is why fruiting bodies are more beneficial overall than mycelium.

our mushrooms

Our mushroom tinctures are made with a 100% fruiting body. Research favours the higher purity and potency that fruiting bodies offer.

The Cordyceps Sinensis in Defend is the exception and is made from mycelium.

Not only do our products include well-known functional mushrooms, but they also have specific botanicals and vitamins. These mushrooms, botanicals, and vitamins are carefully selected to amplify the product’s benefits

Alcohol extractions.

For our tinctures, this type of extraction involves soaking ground-up mushrooms and botanicals in food-safe ethanol for 10-11 days. Afterwards, the solids are strained so that only the concentrated liquid remains. Then, the liquid is combined with purified water into the final product.


• Unlocks the medicinal compounds that are unavailable otherwise

• Increases how much you absorb as well as how fast you get the effects

• The mushroom extract is 100 percent mushroom-based, so it’s higher quality

• Makes certain beneficial components (e.g. fungal polysaccharides) extremely concentrated (higher potency)

We discussed these processes in more detail here.

For our tinctures, our mushrooms, along with botanicals, are added to buckets of water & alcohol. The extraction process will last 10-11 days. Afterwards, the batch is pressed to remove the now mushroom- & botanical-infused solvent. The liquid then goes through various quality-control checks before becoming the finished product. Depending on the product, vitamins are added at the end.

Yes, our products are vegan friendly.

No, our mushrooms are not genetically modified.

No. Our products are considered functional/medicinal mushrooms. We do not use psychedelic mushrooms, such as psilocybin, in our products.


Yes, our products are approved by Health Canada and produced in a Health Canada Licensed and FDA Registered facility. Our products meet and are compliant with the Natural Health Products Regulations (NHPR).

Yes! All of Doseology’s Canadian products have NPN numbers. Our products have been assessed by Health Canada and found to be safe, effective and of high quality and have been granted product licences with an eight-digit number. Please email if you have any further questions.

Although this statement seems suspicious, it is actually perfectly normal. In fact, the FDA requires it to be said in certain situations. 

The FDA regulates both finished dietary supplement products and dietary ingredients. However, the FDA does not “approve” dietary supplements for safety and effectiveness. The FDA only approves pharmaceutical products.

Our products are manufactured at an FDA-registered facility and it adheres to FDA GMP standards. This ensures that we meet all the requirements of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act as amended by DSHEA and FDA regulations.

Our manufacturer has 30+ years of experience sourcing and formulating natural products. The ingredients are from safe and reliable sources from around the world.

We use globally sourced unique and innovative ingredients. Our trusted custom manufacturer works with well-established distribution networks. Quality is paramount at Doseology. A dedicated team of Quality Assurance and Control professionals inspect all raw materials before they are used in the manufacturing of our products, and conduct routine inspections throughout the production process to ensure the finished product meets the highest quality standards.

We outsource all of our testing to ISO 17025 accredited laboratories for the purpose of purity, potency, and composition. Each product receives a Certificate of Analysis certificate (COA).

benefits & usage

Each of our products is designed to satisfy a specific need including:

• Mood boost (Elevate)

• Improve focus (Think)

• Increased mental and physical energy (Wake & Active)

• Immune support (Boost/Recover & Defend)

• Improve sleep quality (Sleep/Rest)

We suggest 3 weeks of daily dosing to achieve effects, and continue for a longer period of time for greater adaptogenic effects.

Tinctures are the fastest because they enter the bloodstream quickly. Medicinal effects with this supplement can occur in about 15-30 minutes.

It may take longer for medicinal effects to be felt in powders and capsules because they have to be digested before entering the bloodstream. 

For adaptogenic effects, our products have to be taken consistently for a longer period of time. This is because adaptogens have a negligible effect when only taken once. 

Yes! Our products each focus on a specific need so if you have more than one need, you can use more than one product. 

As well, some of our products are complementary to each other. For example, you can use Wake and Sleep/Rest as bookends for your sleep. Wake will give you the energy boost you need in the morning while Sleep/Rest will allow you to relax in the evening and get a better sleep.

Health Canada and the FDA advises consumers to talk to their doctor, pharmacist, or other health care professional before deciding to purchase or use a dietary supplement. For example, some supplements might interact with medicines or other supplements.

Children should not use our products. As these supplements are developed solely for adults, it is unknown what effects they will have on children’s developing bodies. Also, some of our products contain alcohol, which is not safe for children.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend you consult your doctor before taking any supplements. Your doctor can determine whether it is safe and/or beneficial for you to take any of our supplements.

Tinctures are developed to be taken by mouth and you can take them any way you’d like!

Some people find the taste can be strong due to the alcohol content inside the tincture. But this doesn’t mean that’s a bad thing! In fact, alcohol-based tinctures not only work as the perfect solvents to extract nutrients, they are also extremely fast-acting, because alcohol can enter our bloodstream very quickly.

We recommend mixing your tincture in juice, coffee, & smoothies to minimize the “bite” and maximize the amazing health benefits!

Please see product pages for dosage and any cautions.

The best time of day depends on the supplement.

Most of our products are best taken in the morning, such as those that provide energy or increased focus. Others that affect sleep or relaxation should be taken in the evening, preferably before bed.

All of our products can be stored at room temperature in a cool, dry place and should be kept out of the reach of children.

Our tinctures have a shelf life of 5 years.


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