Boost your immunity by supporting your immune system with the help of Shiitake supplements. These East Asian mushrooms are as beneficial as they are tasty!

a brief history

Shiitake (aka Lentinula Edodes) is a popular culinary and medicinal mushroom in Japan and China. Although rare until cultivation methods were developed in 1982, Shiitake is now plentiful throughout the world.

Did you know there are visible quality differences in these mushrooms? The highest quality ones are called donko. They can be identified by their distinct cracked white cape that is covered in splotches of dark brown.

the science

A 2015 study found that daily consumption of dried Shiitake mushrooms improved immunity through increased cell production and antibodies.

A 2018 study demonstrated how certain Shiitake extract compounds could fight fatty build-up on arteries in vitro.

A 2016 study showed that Shiitake extract shows promise for preventing cavities, oral cancer, and gingivitis.

blends with benefits

In our Shiitake supplements, we combine Shiitake extract with other complementary adaptogenic botanicals, such as turmeric. These blends of Shiitake and botanicals ensure that each of our products is perfectly tailored to a specific need.

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more on shiitake

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