Refill your physical and mental energy reserves with the help of Cordyceps supplements. Don’t let the caterpillar origin discourage you, Cordyceps is perfect for anyone who needs an energy boost, especially those that love to exercise.

a brief history

Cordyceps (aka Cordyceps Sinensis) in the wild grows by taking over the bodies of caterpillars in the Tibetan Plateau. Nowadays, we can grow Cordyceps in labs so no caterpillars were harmed in the making of our products.

In China, natural Cordyceps demand has exploded since 1993 when the success of two female Chinese runners was attributed to a diet of Cordyceps among other things. As of 2018, the price of a kilogram of Cordyceps exceeded that of gold, earning it the nickname ‘soft gold’.

the science

A 2011 study showed that Cordyceps extract improved exercise endurance capacity in rats.

Another study in 2010 found that Corcyeps extract increased metabolic and ventilatory thresholds, and, therefore, could contribute to wellness in healthy older subjects.

A 2009 study showed that Cordyceps enhanced brain function and antioxidative enzyme activity in aged mice, and promoted sexual functionn in aged rats.

Another study in 2015 found that oral administration of Cordyceps extract extended the life of fruit flies through an anti-oxidative stress effect.

blends with benefits

In our Cordyceps supplements, we match Cordyceps with other mushrooms and adaptogenic botanicals, like Rhodiola. Together, these ingredients combinations ensure a perfect fit for your every need.

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more on cordyceps

For more information on Cordyceps, we have a Cordyceps Comprehensive Guide on our blog.