With a charcoal exterior and orange interior, Chaga is the definition of don’t judge a book by its cover. If you need help regulating your immune system, Chaga supplements are exactly what you need.

a brief history

Chaga (aka Innotus Obliquus) looks like a charred chunk growing on tree trunks in the northern hemisphere. Breaking through the burnt exterior will reveal the brilliant orange fungus beneath.

Mentions of Chaga go back to the age of the Roman Empire. The most prominent tale is from the 11th century when Grand Duke Vladamir Monomakh proclaimed that Chaga healed his lip cancer.

the science

A 2015 study showed that Chaga extract is an immunomodulator that can help heal damage done to bone marrow from chemotherapy in mice.

Another study in 2011 found that Chaga extract regulates the antigen-specific antibody production in mice.

A study in 2012 concluded that Chaga extract had an anti-inflammatory effect on mice with experimental colitis.

blends with benefits

In our Chaga supplements, we blend Chaga extract with other mushrooms and adaptogenic botanicals, including Rhodiola and Choline. These blends give you a products for whatever you need help with.

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more on chaga

For more information on Chaga, we have a Chaga Comprehensive Guide on our blog.